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Christina sitting on a couch with her artwork in the background at the Orange Gallery
pile of artwork on the floor with the name Christina Lovisa stamped to the sides
decor with text written mentioning I think I'll be an artist or something
“If we only have now, we should do things now.”
Structure, rigidity, and conformity: if you ever see these in my works, send help. The raw, authentic nature of creativity is in constant flux, and it chooses to express itself as it best sees fit. This is why I love the playfulness of art, the spontaneity of what can come into existence when we choose not to take life too seriously.

Some time ago I was a dental hygienist, which required order and a tidy space. Now, I manipulate wax and paint, and no surface seems to go unmarked by the works I create. This shift from order to disorder is the essence of my personal rebirth, my ability to let thoughts become things without holding back.

Everything I learn feeds the fire within, providing new outlets and tools for expression.

I once received a pin that said “I think I’ll be an artist or something.” A simple pin, the significance of which has only increased with time. I could be an artist, but to say that is to deny a truth I hold dear now: I always was. In every waking moment, in every deep slumber, the creative flows through me and inspires action. I happily heed the call.

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Christina Lovisa in her studi at Orange Gallery
Christina Lovisa in her studi at Orange Gallery

Exhibition: Lucid Dreaming at Orange Gallery

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