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Mixed media artist + master instructor | Ottawa, Canada

Handmade Artsy OOAK Shoulder Bag

This bag has been completely handmade by Canadian artist C. Lovisa.  Each bag has been made with custom original sizing and styles.  There are never two bags alike as the "artwork" on the bag is either an original painting, art print or needlepoint.  These rescued artworks come from thrift stores or antique stores.  Once they are removed from their original confines, usually a frame or stapled to a wooden panel, they become the feature panel for a bag.  Complimentary vintage fabrics are recycled into becoming the bags' panels.  In some bags, pockets, straps and hardware are integrated form other recycled purses and handbags. These bags are purposefully left unlined with backs of artwork exposed so that the handmade raw nature of the bag is allowed to show through in the quality. Each bag boasts tons of hand-stitching in complimentary colours to show-off its unique nature.

This shoulder bag can fit books, a laptop and perhaps even a sandwich or two.  It features an inside pocket so you don't have to lose your phone and keys at the bottom.  The bag boasts an extra long wide comfortable strap for over shoulder toting or tie a knot in it for shorter, higher hauls.  

The back design boast a PFTP - Patches for the People - Each garment has been adorned with a patch that has been cut from recycled materials; sweaters, shirts, sheets and more.  By purchasing a PFTP garment you are supporting a cycle of great deeds.  All the recycled fibres are keeping landfills cleaner but there's more!  We buy all of our materials from resellers such as thrift stores which help various groups of people in their efforts.  We hire artists to wash all the materials, hand cut the patches, apply them to the shirts and top-stitch to enhance the look.  Why symbols?  We believe that symbols can speak volumes.  They can summarize us in subtle ways.  Which symbol speaks to you?

The Heart; The heart is often used to symbolize the moral, emotional, spiritual and even the intellectual substance of a person. The heart has been referred to as the core of one’s humanity. It is used as the primary symbol that represents LOVE  as well as compassion, joy, and charity.

If you are drawn to this symbol, you are;

Loving, compassionate, worldly, caring, supportive, neighbourly, intuitive, passionate.

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