The World Will Rearrange Itself - Original Art

"The World Will Rearrange Itself"
This mixed media and encaustic piece was created live before a web-based audience during the beginning of the Covid-19 isolation.  As my paintings are completely intuitive and unplanned, the title "The World Will Rearrange Itself" came to me while humming the lyrics from an Airborne Toxic Event song called "Strangers"; 
Till all the walls fall we'll just keep being strangers
As the world rearranges
Every blade, every seed, every ounce of green
And the sunrise is a welcome thing
But I wish it was more welcoming
'Cause this life has such an awful sting
And a price to pay for everything
The meaning behind the title and paragraph is so eerily well-timed and prophetic? that it leaves me wondering what the state of the human condition will be like in the aftermath of the pandemic.  

Medium: Mixed Media + Encaustic

Type: Painting (Original Art)

Dimensions: 30"x 30"

Creation Date: c. 2020

Giclee prints available and framed art block.

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