Original Art - "And Give You Peace"

This original acrylic and collage on canvas contemporary painting is from the artist's private collection of samples from workshops or development pieces made for commercial products.  They are priced to sell as-is, most times on raw wood, paper and without "finishing touches".  They are all signed by the artist and are a rare opportunity for those wishing to buy original art without the gallery price tags.  For shipping purposes, large canvasses will be removed from the stretcher bars and ship rolled unless the client chooses to pay for the shipping.

Original Art "And Give You Peace" 

Layers of dripped acrylic with a hint of sparkle makes this painting both modern and contemporary.  A wide spread open wing span gives the feeling of comfort and grace. Polkadots in gold and pink add a playful nature to this painting making it suitable for many locations.    " 40"L x 30"H x 1.5"D