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Mixed media artist + master instructor | Ottawa, Canada

Free People and PFTP - Grey Tunic - Crown

ONE OF A KIND! New base garment with a recycled-fibre patch.  There is only one you and there is only one of this shirt.  Is it yours?

A great team makes for one great shirt! We’ve added our Patches For The People to this great Free People waffle tunic. Together the look and feel of this one of a kind piece is unbeatable!

PFTP - Patches for the People - Each garment has been adorned with a patch that has been cut from recycled materials; sweaters, shirts, sheets and more.  By purchasing a PFTP garment you are supporting a cycle of great deeds.  All the recycled fibres are keeping landfills cleaner but there's more!  We buy all of our materials from resellers such as thrift stores which help various groups of people in their efforts.  We hire artists to wash all the materials, hand cut the patches, apply them to the shirts and top-stitch to enhance the look.  Why symbols?  We believe that symbols can speak volumes.  They can summarize us in subtle ways.  Which symbol speaks to you?

The Crown; A crown is a traditional symbolic form of head adornment worn by a monarch or by a deity (as distinct from a hat), for whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honour, and glory, as well as immortality, righteousness, and resurrection.

If you are drawn to this symbol, you are;

Powerful, strong, confident, healthy, clear-thinker, stubborn, helpful, humanitarian.

Patch: Camel coloured. Cut from neck-trim on a flat sheet. Raw edges. Machine sewn-on.

Base garment: Made in England. Size SM NOTE: Very generous sizing - one can easily go down a size or two with FP and be very happy. Slate grey. Raw edged stitching. Luxuriously soft waffle fabric on top with vertical-ribbed duster skirt attached to bottom. Round neck. Tunic bottom without ribbing.  Thumb slotted cuffs on over-length arms. 73% Viscose, 24% Polyester, 3% Elastane.