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Paradox - an In Real Life (IRL) Workshop

Paradox - an In Real Life (IRL) Workshop

Do you want the IRL opportunity to expand your knowledge of textural mixed media painting?

I am thrilled to be offering this brand new 1 day workshop in mixed media immersion. A paradox is described as a situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities. When looking at these little pieces of art, I am wondering how all these seemingly disconnected images, brush strokes and collage elements all come together to create a cohesive piece?  If you’re anything like me, and you collect bits and pieces of ephemera and collage, then this workshop is going to rock your world. Together we will discover how to combine and choose which pieces go where to tell the untold story buried in the latency of the layers. TEXTURE LOVERS will love this class.

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