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Mixed media artist + master instructor | Ottawa, Canada

NO APOLOGIES - JULY 25 - 26, 2020

Big Dramatic Questions Studio; Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada


In this workshop of self-reflection and true-expression, we will attempt to quiet the mind a little so that the creative-centre can hear the whispers from the soul.  In my workshops, we are accustomed to producing lots of work or large bodies of works in relative short periods of time.  

What would your art look like if you slowed down the regular pace and took the time necessary to digest the process?  What would your art look like if you silenced the noise from the demands and constraints of the outside world AND that of our own noisy ego?

While making my sample piece for this workshop, I followed the steps of my newly-developed program and the resulting image surprised me.  It was an assemblage, mixed media encaustic piece that kept challenging my commercial sensibilities; Does assemblage sell?, Is it too heavy looking?, Is the vintage look passé? All these worries and doubts were immediately silenced by that part of me that said, “It is enough.  It is done. It is important work and we love it!”

The title for this series of workshops, No Apologies was born from a place of genuine connection to the creative soul that told me to stop apologizing for the art I was making and in love with.    

I will bring all sorts of tools, equipment, ephemera, paint, adhesives and “bits and pieces”. I have a vast knowledge of materials and methods for attaching things, cutting stuff up and reassembling them.  Even if you do not understand HOW you would go about doing something, please bring it along if it is speaking to you and we will find a way to make it happen. 

You will need to bring;  Your substrates, your items that speak to you, your encaustic waxes and generally anything that you may use (this can be so varied from person to person and project to project).  You can buy supplies from the studio at the time of the class by e-transfer directly to the studio.  This class is going to be super responsive to creating in the moment so don’t be afraid of bringing in a box of unrelated items.  Whether it be a painting, a sculpture or an assemblage, the No Apologies process will have you happily creating from an authentic place of effortless joy.  

If you are looking for inspiration, I encourage you to start the process early.  Get comfy and settled with your favourite cup of tea and your laptop.  Open up pinterest and just start searching for art.. Pin anything that makes you smile or wish that you had made it yourself    This is a good place to start - knowing what you like.  Take note of why you like something.  Is it the colour, the mood or the aesthetic? All good cues.

COVID Responsibilities: We will have hand sanitizer, masks and antibacterial wipes available for your self-regulated use.  We will set up the tables to accommodate fewer students (max 5), with one person per work station.  If you do stay the night on site, you will need to contact your host, Heather to make arrangements to bring in your own linens.  Heather is currently making arrangements for catered, boxed meals.  If you wish to have that available to you, please make arrangements with Heather in advance as extra fees will be incurred.


Saturday & Sunday, July 25 & 26 (1st session)

Thursday & Friday, July 23 & 24 (2nd session only available if 1st fills up)


$590 (+ tax)  per 2-day session

Please visit the Big Dramatic Questions website to register for this workshop.