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The Art of Presence (Ireland) Jul 30-Aug 6 2022

The Art of Presence (Ireland) Jul 30-Aug 6 2022

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Escape with me to a fantastical, magical place where we will explore the combination of mixed media and encaustic art together. Be prepared for an art making experience that will bring about authentic expression of yourself, perhaps never fully explored.

What would your art look like if you responded to the NOW rather than planning every aspect your paintings? What if you stripped away the ego’s need to produce something relatable and discovered what your spirit longs to paint? The lines are blurred between reality and fantasy, truth and understanding and the dream world vs life. E.O.M. quotes, “Here, land and sea meet at the threshold of a powerful creative adventure.“ Join me as we relieve our tired-selves from “producing” art and move into a magical world of “creating” art through the response of the senses.

Mulranny is a small seaside village on Clew Bay in Co. Mayo. It is located at the dramatic west edge of Ireland, the end boundary of Europe. Here we plan to dive ever so deeply into a merger of our incredible surroundings with guided art lessons in the combination of mixed media and encaustic. Through the layering photos and images, paint and encaustic we’ll uncover understandings about our calling to art, what it means and what purpose it serves us.  

Please visit the Essence of Mulranny website to register for this workshop.

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