Frequently Asked Questions

In person, my classes are more and more being hosted by individuals and associations in North America and soon, Europe. I do my best to update the information on my Events page, and will provide the links to registration.

I am endeavouring to record and package all of my workshops into downloadable e-courses. This will provide you and your friends with hours of instruction and you can follow along class-room style! To keep the costs low, the editing budget is kept to a minimum and there is no production crew - it’s just me, a camera and at times, a class full of willing participants! Once you download the link, you can watch the video again and again as you complete the projects in real time. I truly believe in the 10,000 hours rule of practice making for perfection, so this is the perfect solution!

Because my studio is my place of work, the distraction of visits is, well.., just that, a distraction! Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to sit and visit all the live long day, but if the art is going to be made, I need to work in an undisturbed environment. Occasionally, by request, I am willing to give private tours. Those can be arranged through the contact page or through a representing gallery. I would however LOVE to see you in person and chat art all the live long day at my new boutique in the heart of Hntonburg, Ottawa.  Visit A Curated Nest at 1114A Wellingstonton St. West, Ottawa.

All of my large original paintings are sold through representing galleries. I currently have representation in my hometown, so do drop by The Alpha Art Gallery for the latest offerings when in Ottawa, Canada.

I am always open to new representation in other cities, so if you know of a gallery that is a good match for my work, I’d love an introduction! Prints are always available online or at A Curated Nest in Hintonburg, Ottawa.  

One of my favourite things in life is collaboration in artistic endeavours. I absolutely love a great art challenge, so if you have a retail/commercial/industrial project in mind that could use the perspective of a wild, artsy mind, speak up! My signature fedora, made and designed for the Michael Jackson estate and Cirque du Soleil was a successful collaboration because someone asked. Need a cool artsy perspective?

I am constantly making new art and sometimes that art sparks the desire to have it printed on a wearable item or to turn it into a print. I endeavour to add new selections and retire older ones every 4 months, three times per year. If there is a certain painting you’d like to wear or hang on your wall, please feel free to contact me and perhaps that will inspire a new product! Also, be sure to follow me on social media and sign up for the newsletter for exclusive offerings and the most up-to-date design information.

I have two programs available for mentoring. More and more today I am seeing coaching and mentoring programs that are pre-recorded programs where we have no personal access to the person who drew us to the program in the first place. Infact, there are few programs that actually include ersonal one on one coaching. Because I value the benefit of working with an individual personally, I have two programs to offer where we get to work together. The first is for someone who would like to get past their personal experiences to heed the calling of creativity and go deeper within their art. This person already has experience in the art medium of their choice but works best for me if it is in painting. The second program is for the person who is just starting to gain some traction with their art - they are not new to mixed media or encaustic but with some guidance and practice time can expedite the 10,000hrs rule of experience under the guidance of someone who’s been there!

Private mentorship for a Deeper Connection to your Art: You get my full self, showing up for just you. I have a keen sense of intuition that allows me to listen to your heart’s longings and help you breakthrough the barriers that hold you back from expressing yourself at your most honest level. This private program works best one on one for at least three full days, in my studio or yours, and then once per week after that remotely via Facetime for another 12 sessions (min 1 hr). Please plan on a commitment of 3-4 months. Change takes time and the best results are achieved through patience and persistence. Homework will be assigned each week and accountability will be expected. You can expect that will full commitment you will discover WHO you are as an artist and what barriers hold you back from full expression. You will stretch and you will grow. We will cover some techniques as we see fit but mostly we will be painting along side one another while getting to the nitty gritty of the resistance preventing you from soaring. For those seeking to monetize their results, discussions/homework will include retail/commercial applications of your art. This life-changing opportunity is full of spiritually charged interaction between two creative souls and requires a willing suspension of preconceived understandings of your relationship with your art. Please send me an email expressing interest and we can have a discovery call to discuss your individual needs. Packages start at $11,000 CDN.

Guided mentorship for Immersion in Art Exploration: This program can be tailored to meet an individuals needs, time and budget. Packages can include private work time in the studio and time with me assisting you with all things business and encaustic/mixed media related. I believe that discovering your style and aesthetics takes practice. I can provide you with the private time and space to produce the art - lots of it! We will address your concerns and questions but also explore the places where you get “stuck” and develop strategies for answering the question, what’s next? Not from Ottawa? No, problem. I have a remote program developed where we will work together weekly via FaceTime. We’ll talk as we paint and then discuss the art as we go. Throughout the week you’ll send me questions and photos of varying stage paintings and at our next session, we’ll review together. Commitment and rates will be based on the individual’s needs but for maximum benefit, a four week minimum commitment is recommended.