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The Christina Lovisa Lov-Is-Art Encaustic Palette

The Christina Lovisa Lov-Is-Art Encaustic Palette

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Wax Snaps are an economical choice and perfect for melting as you work. Their unique shape allows you to easily snap off exactly what you need. This is a bespoke collection of colors created for me by Enkaustikos based on my Nest paintings, in particular "A Place for Us".

Colors included in this set are: Bohemian Green Earth, Irish Gray, Winter Sky, Raw Sienna, Nostalgia, Raw Umber, Light Buff Titanium, Midtone Gray, and Savannah.

Driven by her love for texture and “touchable” surfaces in art, Christina Lovisa has been creating nests as an expression of the word “home” in encaustic paints. Heavier opaque paints marry seamlessly on the panel with the glorious translucent ones creating a natural, timeless effect. Christina Lovisa’s curiosity and creative exploration have led her into a world of mixed-media expression through paintings, ceramics and textiles. Her international clientele includes the distinguishable Cirque du Soleil as well as the Michael Jackson Estate. Christina discovered she had a natural gift for sharing information and is recognized as a master mixed media instructor.

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