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C Nests - hand-painted mounted prints

C Nests - hand-painted mounted prints

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Oh what a nest represents to me; home, family, creativity, stability, fluidity, but most of all the temporary nature of life.  The original square nest that I painted is called Thriving and is based on my personal situation at the time of becoming an empty-nester whereby my two sons were off and beginning their lives - thriving. The "long and skinnies" followed in the series.

Hand painted mounted prints: Fine art prints are made from my original nest paintings, (originals in galleries), in various sizes.  I mount them to wooden painting panels and once dry, embellish them with encaustic wax paints.  In the end, they appear as close to an original as one can imagine but at a fraction of the cost.  

Cash and carry available at 6 holiday markets in Ottawa this December 2-23. Visit the markets early for best choice.

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