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The World Will Rearrange Itself

The World Will Rearrange Itself

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"The World Will Rearrange Itself"
This mixed media and encaustic piece was created live before a web-based audience during the beginning of the Covid-19 isolation.  As my paintings are completely intuitive and unplanned, the title "The World Will Rearrange Itself" came to me while humming the lyrics from an Airborne Toxic Event song called "Strangers"; 
Till all the walls fall we'll just keep being strangers
As the world rearranges
Every blade, every seed, every ounce of green
And the sunrise is a welcome thing
But I wish it was more welcoming
'Cause this life has such an awful sting
And a price to pay for everything
The meaning behind the title and paragraph is so eerily well-timed and prophetic? that it leaves me wondering what the state of the human condition will be like in the aftermath of the pandemic.  
These fine art prints have been created in "editions" (an "edition" is the number of actual reproductions made) and have been signed and numbered by the artist. These limited edition prints are of exceptional quality, and far superior to "open edition" prints. They have been printed on museum grade archival papers (100% acid free, cotton rag) and are meticulously printed with the highest quality inks to show the incredible detail inherent in the original work of art, making them 200 year archival quality. Each print comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

"Never Quite As It Seems II"

This print is on Epsom Museum grade paper and is available in two sizes:

- 10.5" x 10.5" + 0.75" white border (final size = 12" x 12") 
- 21" x 21" + 1.5" white border (final size = 24" x 24")
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