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Whether expanding your senses, parameters, comfort levels or physical boundaries, expansion can feel a bit scary. This course was designed to take your art from a small to medium format and expanding it to a large one while mitigating the associated fears. There are two videos for two separate courses but I am including both for this online workshop; The first is background making, completed on a 12”x12” panel in encaustic compatible mixed media layers. The second is the “expansion” of that background, printed and mounted to a 36”x 36” panel, and completed in mixed media and rich encaustic layers.

This course was offered on the Painting With Fire platform in 2022. Please disregard all participation commentary to the course as it may be confusing. The two videos included in this course were separate from one another and offered a year apart. Students received a large format print of my background. I am offering you a complimentary PDF of that background. Feel free to have it printed for your personal use only.

As a side note, our little art supply store fell victim to the Covid outbreak, and all supplies are now available online either through my website or via supply outlets available closest to you.

What you will get:

1. Supply list.
2. PDF used for the large format background printing.
3. TWO full professional videos (great quality and sound) with STEP BY STEP instruction for background making and large format mixed media and encaustic art.

View the materials needed for this class here (PDF)

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