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Encaustic Giclees by Christina (Small Square)

Encaustic Giclees by Christina (Small Square)

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Two artists, Christina Lovisa and Pam Rideout-Smith present small collectible art with accessible pricing under the moniker, Rook and Hare.

Our bestseller! Encaustic giclees are made from high quality prints of our original paintings.  They are mounted to gallery depth wooden panels and sealed in encaustic beeswax.  Because of the beeswax finish, the giclees have a handmade, original feel and quality to them.  To achieve a high gloss shine to the finish, simply buff your art with a nylon soft cloth until it glistens!

Each title in this category is made by Christina Lovisa and can be printed in any size square format desired.  Standard sizes include (Small) 4"x4", 5"x5", 6"x6",  (Large) 12"x12", 20"x20" and 24"x24". Please contact me if a larger size is required.

Some of the originals may be available - inquire.

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