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A paradox is described as a situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities. When looking at pieces of art, I am also in wonder at how all the seemingly disconnected elements, images and brush strokes all come together to create a cohesive piece? How did the artist do that? Was it all intentional from the beginning or was the muse orchestrating it from its’ origin? Welcome to PARADOX, where we will connect the dots of art making from beginning to end through this fun encaustic and mixed media project.

This course differs from many of my other Two Worlds Collide courses, as we pay a lot of attention to building a strong, textural foundation compatible with encaustic waxes. What seems like a contradiction and pure acts of randomness, develop into a painting with depth and richness.

View the materials needed for this class here (PDF)

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About the artist: Christina is known for guiding her students though exercises that produce art intuitively and quickly providing results full of impact and meaning. Learn more about Christina here.

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