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Skillset Mastery - An 8 Module Workshop

Skillset Mastery - An 8 Module Workshop

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Welcome to my master class in Mixed Media techniques! This course is jam-packed with all my tips and techniques for collage, fine collage, assemblage, knowing when to put elements together (and when not to!) and how to choose a colour palette so that you can remain consistent throughout a piece or a body of work. 

You'll be making your own choices when it comes to textures, substrates, colours, whether to attach or not, all your own private learning haven! 

This e-class is broken down into 20 separate lessons within eight modules (over 10 hours of instruction!) and the beauty of the video format is that you are right there in the studio with me, and you can watch these techniques and how-tos over and over again, in order to master the skills you particularly enjoy. And don't forget to share your finished results on social!  

Warning **** This course was created during the pandemic when a professional videographer was not present because of lockdowns.  It is very basic, just me and and camera.  The sound is less than perfect too but all this creates a very intimate experience between you and I honouring that imperfect time in all of our lives.  

About the Online Workshop format:

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