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TWO Worlds Collide: Mixed Media & Encaustic Art

TWO Worlds Collide: Mixed Media & Encaustic Art

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This is my signature course in the stable amalgamation of mixed media and encaustic art. This course is for anyone, from beginner to advanced, in understanding the principles of stable layering. By using the same techniques that I use in an in-person-class, you will work alongside me to create two paintings. 

By applying the principles learned in these two projects, you will be able to create countless paintings in your own unique style. Once the foundations are learned, the evolution of the art begins to take shape.

I tend to work quickly, so these videos are designed to be step-by-step so that you may press pause and continue on when you are ready. You may take whatever colour liberties you feel necessary but please do adhere (at first) to the suggested materials so that you may understand the process fully. 

“Move quickly, follow my lead, don’t second guess, then listen/watch as the creativity begins to take over.”

Level: Beginner - Advanced

This course includes the complete supply lists and PDFs to make the two paintings seen in the course poster image.

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